Corn soup favoured popcorn
05:50 PM on Wednesday 20 March 2024

I do not quite understand the idea of a corn soup favoured popcorn. Popcorn is corn.

Paddles for the espresso machine
05:36 PM on Monday 18 March 2024

Got an aftermarket modification to exchange the knobs to paddles. It works really well and they were reasonably simple to install. It is so much faster to turn them on now.

Hat and Dog
07:59 PM on Sunday 10 March 2024

Look at Pauline's lion hat on the stuff toy. So cute. And here are some photos of Donut in different perspectives.

Esther birthday
07:18 PM on Sunday 10 March 2024

Today is Esther's birthday and we got a cute cloud cake for her. She was quite trilled about it. Even got some sparkling numbers for her.

Calbee x JACK n JILL
03:39 PM on Sunday 10 March 2024

Calbee and JACK n JILL had a collab.

An interesting photo of Donut
09:06 AM on Sunday 10 March 2024

A photo of Donut from an interesting perspective.

09:27 AM on Wednesday 06 March 2024

Found a super useful program hashdeep ( to compute the hashes for files in a recursive fashion. The program hashdeep goes one step further to compare the files which is quite useful. But the output is rather messy and difficult to work with. The following is the co ...

08:10 PM on Thursday 29 February 2024

A picture of Donut.

08:47 PM on Tuesday 20 February 2024

Was checking on hard disk prices and chance upon this website which sells re-certified hard drives at very good prices. For example, a Seagate Exos X20 is only USD209.99 while a new one from is about SGD633.99. This is quite a difference.

Espresso machine is fixed
08:58 AM on Tuesday 20 February 2024

So the expresso machine is fixed and they got it delivered in the evening. So far so good. Hope it stays that way.