Nice titles in screen
12:12 PM on Sunday 21 May 2023

I use GNU screen a lot since I work on remote servers via SSH. I realised that on RedHat system, the title of the windows have very useful information like the username, host and path. In Ubuntu, there is nothing but just the shell name like bash. Took a lot of searching but the fix is actually qu ...

Hot Mac mini
07:31 AM on Wednesday 10 May 2023

Just realised the other day that the Mac mini gets really hot. So took out the thermal sensor and took a photo. It is really crazy hot, surface temp is about 47.1 degrees Celsius.

New thermal grease for the RTX 2080 TI
03:45 PM on Sunday 07 May 2023

The old RTX 2080 TI will be transferred to Esther's computer. But before that, a new application of thermal grease.

Beach time
06:38 PM on Saturday 06 May 2023

We are finally at the beach after multiple attempts by Pauline to go to the beach.

The Rock has Mickey Mouse ears
01:12 PM on Saturday 06 May 2023

Saw this advertisement at Under Armour where the angle of the photo of the Rock seems show him having Mickey Mouse ears. Wonder how that passed the editors.

Pauline pulling on a cheese stick
07:30 PM on Thursday 04 May 2023

Pauline having fun with the cheese stick.

New keycaps for Pauline
08:02 PM on Wednesday 03 May 2023

Esther got a really cute set of keycaps for Pauline's mechanical keyboard.

Knife Gallery
01:39 PM on Sunday 30 April 2023

Did not realise that Jonker Walk actually has a knife gallery called Jaya Mata Malaysia Knife Gallery. We paid a small fee to have a look and it was really not that bad. There were knifes from multiple cultures and eras.

Another morning of photography
06:50 AM on Sunday 30 April 2023

The next morning, we continued the photography. I must say that I kind of miss photography.

Jonker Walk
07:18 PM on Saturday 29 April 2023

Being at Malacca and staying near Jonker Walk means that the nigh market is a must.