Donut lying down
07:20 PM on Monday 17 April 2023

The way that Donut lies down is always so interesting to me.

Pauline's new keyboard
04:48 PM on Sunday 16 April 2023

Esther scraped together all the mechanical keyboard parts that we had lying around and assembled a new keyboard for Pauline who has been complaining about her school keyboard not working.

11:22 AM on Sunday 16 April 2023

Pauline brought me lots of nuts from the stores in Bugis. Got a couple of containers and create my own nut mix.

Donut and me
12:06 PM on Friday 07 April 2023

Donut sitting on me while I am seated :-)

Lok lok for dinner
07:03 PM on Thursday 06 April 2023

We had lok lok for dinner at DLLM LOKLOK. Quite interesting, everything is fried. Was really nice. The store has this maggi noodle staple which is quite nice.

Donut lying on me
12:44 PM on Thursday 06 April 2023

Donut is really sticky, lying on my leg.

Donut licking her favorite person
07:06 PM on Wednesday 05 April 2023

Donut giving Pauline a good lick :-) Look at the length of that tongue.

Esther made a Shakshouka
09:47 AM on Wednesday 29 March 2023

Esther made a Shakshouka as part of the CCA she is in. Looks really nice.

Nicholas's wedding dinner
10:04 PM on Saturday 25 March 2023

Wow, time flies, Nicholas is getting married and the old gang turned up for the wedding dinner.

Dinner at a Turkish place
06:39 PM on Friday 24 March 2023

We had dinner at Sofra which is a Turkish cafe at Marina Square. They had a really nice and pretty coffee.