Drink at Josh's Grill
06:17 PM on Wednesday 07 February 2024

We had dinner at Josh's Grill and I had this beautiful looking drink.

Jellycat dragon
01:11 PM on Tuesday 06 February 2024

So I have this thing for Jellycat stuffed toys. I think they look wonderful and cute. We were having our reunion dinner with the in-laws and after dinner we chanced upon a red Jellycat dragon that looked so adorable. Pauline really loved it especially given that this year is our year which is the ye ...

Espresso machine is down again
09:06 AM on Tuesday 06 February 2024

So we had a power failure last night and after getting an electrician to have a check. The culprit was the espresso machine which is shorted. On top of having to get an electrician in the middle of the night and paying for it, the espresso machine is down again. So off it goes, back for repairs. The ...

Pineapple tart dragon
06:55 PM on Sunday 04 February 2024

Esther being Esther made a dragon out of pineapple tarts given that this year is the year of the dragon. I must admit that it looks rather good.

Donut has flabby skin
04:05 PM on Sunday 04 February 2024

Donut's skin is rather flabby. The photos below show that when she lies down on her side, the skin folds up.

Air purifier filters
08:50 AM on Sunday 04 February 2024

The Xiaomi air purifier (4 Compact) is showing a warning for filter replacement and so I got the replacement. Taking out the old one and comparing it to the new one shows that the purifier seems to be working :-)

Donut has a Chinese New Year collar
02:47 PM on Wednesday 31 January 2024

Donut wearing the Chinese New Year collar that Pauline brought for her. Unfortunately, it is upside down :-)

Walk to Kovan
06:25 PM on Tuesday 30 January 2024

Decided to take a nice long walk down to Kovan for dinner :-) Really enjoyed the walk, lots of time to think :-)

Espresso machine is back
05:31 PM on Tuesday 30 January 2024

So they have replaced the vacuum breaker again as it was still the issue. This is giving me no confidence in the machine.

Donut on the bean bag
09:28 PM on Monday 29 January 2024

Donut resting on the bean bag. Poor dog, soon after this, she had a seizure :-(