Trip to Malacca
06:41 AM on Saturday 29 April 2023

The whole family did a trip to Malacca. We left in the dead of the night at 2am and got there about 6am. Esther had a photography assignment so we went out to take photos. Here are my photos:

Number game
04:30 PM on Wednesday 26 April 2023

The New York Times game Digit has a limited number of games a day. So I came up with my version at:

Is ChatGPT still the top dog?
09:19 PM on Tuesday 25 April 2023

Really funny pic.

French toast teaching french?
06:21 PM on Sunday 23 April 2023

Saw this really old looking sign which is an advertisement by a company named french toast advertising learning french. Quite funny.

Fat lion
06:17 PM on Saturday 22 April 2023

Just realised that the lock screen for Windows has a really fat lion. Look at the tummy.

RTX 4090
05:22 PM on Saturday 22 April 2023

Finally decided to get a NVIDIA RTX 4090 to replace the RTX 2080 TI which has been wonderful. The reason is the switch to a Dell 4K monitor G3223Q which is a IPS monitor with really nice specifications (144Hz and HDMI 2.1). Worried that the RTX 2080 TI cannot handle the 4K resolution, I decided to s ...

Meow Barbecue
01:10 PM on Saturday 22 April 2023

We had lunch at Meow Barbecue which is apparently a very popular BBQ chain in China.

MOS Burger
09:11 AM on Saturday 22 April 2023

MOS burger has a very nice packaging for their sandwiches. The little icon in the middle with the MOS represented as mountain, ocean and sun with the corresponding icons are so elegant.

Digit game solver
09:10 PM on Friday 21 April 2023

Added a game solver for the New York Times game Digit . The solver link is at:

South Korean grandma and her driving licence
03:38 PM on Thursday 20 April 2023

So there is South Korean grandmother who took 960 tries to get her driver's licence and has been given a World Record for it. She took the theory test 950 times before passing. She needed to get 60 of 100 marks to pass the test which means quite a low bar. But a quick calculation in R using the bino ...