Funny name for a duck rice store
12:42 PM on Saturday 09 September 2023

Saw this funny yet cute store name.

Johor Bahru trip
07:13 PM on Monday 04 September 2023

Pauline and I had a short trip to JB. View from the hotel room. Took my portable expresso machine along for the trip (Wacaco Minipresso NS2) and it works really well. Always nice to have a good espresso. The next day we went to the Johor Premium Outlets where for lunch, we had Souper Tang which was ...

Studio Ghibli exhibit at Bugis+
11:35 AM on Sunday 03 September 2023

Bugis+ was having a Studio Ghibli exhibit with large balloons of famous characters.

Donut and me
08:30 AM on Sunday 03 September 2023

A picture of Donut and me.

12:48 PM on Saturday 02 September 2023

Saw this impressive sculpture at Paragon.

Dinner at Osia
06:28 PM on Friday 01 September 2023

We had dinner at Osia Steak and Seafood at Resorts World Sentosa as we had some vouchers. The food was good but probably rather overpriced.

Money changer
11:09 AM on Friday 01 September 2023

Saw this at a money changer. Probably has happened to all of us at one point of time.

Meat in tofu
12:00 PM on Saturday 26 August 2023

We had lunch at Tun Xiang Hokkien Delights at Thomson Plaza. They had a dish which is meat in tofu which was really good.

Knives all sharpened
07:02 AM on Wednesday 23 August 2023

Got all the knives sharpened and they look so organised on the knife bar.

ggplot2 font size
09:11 PM on Tuesday 22 August 2023

Since I use ggplot2 on a regular basis to generate plots which the number of axis elements is often variable. I often need to determine the space taken by the axis labels. So it appears that the default for ggplot2 is helvetica 9 points for the axis labels. I generate a PDF plot using and then ope ...