Bishan park
08:16 AM on Saturday 27 January 2024

Delivered pineapple tarts to Pei Yen in the morning and then took the opportunity to bring Donut to Bishan park for a walk. Along the way, we saw a beautiful rooster. When we stopped at an exercise area, I caught sight of a beautiful butterfly and then some bees. And of course we need to have a phot ...

KVM over IP
10:52 PM on Wednesday 24 January 2024

Got a Geekworm KVM-A3 kit from for the Raspberry Pi 4 which runs PiKVM V3 ( Had a Raspberry Pi 4 lying around so this was perfect. The hardware looked really robust and the little OLED was really useful providing the IP address of the KVM. Hooked it up to the little ...

Kewpie blind box
06:33 PM on Tuesday 23 January 2024

Not sure why we need a Kewpie blind box. Cannot imagine people wanting to have a surprise sauce.

Photo album updated
01:30 PM on Tuesday 23 January 2024

The type c cable arrived and I routed it via the back of the TV which is much neater.

Photo album
10:15 PM on Saturday 20 January 2024

So Esther has a Chromebook from school which she does not use anymore. She finds it limiting and slow. So I repurposed it to be a photo album since it can be configured in a tent mode and has a nice and bright display. Took some time to program a website that refreshes on a periodic basis with a ran ...

Water quality
03:11 PM on Saturday 20 January 2024

Decided to get a pH meter and a TDS meter to test the quality of the water. So it appears that the water is on the soft side. pH is definitely on the alkaline side. PUB's water quality shows that their measurement is pH of 8.2 and conductivity of about 219 uS/cm which is comparable to what I measure ...

Espresso machine leaking
07:37 AM on Tuesday 16 January 2024

So the leaking is getting really bad, losing most of the water in a day. So the machine is going back for repairs again.

Dead cockroach
10:59 PM on Monday 15 January 2024

Saw a dead cockroach as I entered the kitchen. Guy just flipped over and died.

January babies
07:26 PM on Saturday 13 January 2024

We have 3 January babies in the family, mother, Ernest and Theresa. So we decided to celebrate them all at the same time with a buffet dinner at Lime. The food was good with the seafood being something to look out for.

Theresa's birthday
07:20 PM on Tuesday 09 January 2024

Today is actually both my mother and Theresa's birthday. Pauline got Theresa a cake from Sweden's.