Gardens by the Bay
09:58 AM on Saturday 06 January 2024

Went back to Gardens by the Bay as Pauline wanted to join a workshop making Chinese New Year decorations. While Pauline and Esther got crafty, I went to take photos.

Dessert at Platform 1094
05:31 PM on Friday 05 January 2024

We had dessert at Platform 1094 which is just next to the White House Teochew Porridge which is very good. Platform 1094 is a Harry Potter inspired cafe with very magical drinks.

12:25 PM on Thursday 04 January 2024

Donut being emo.

Malacca trip
06:48 AM on Saturday 30 December 2023

We ended the year with a trip to Malacca with Esther's friends Yifei and Brenda. We had a very early breakfast as we arrived much earlier than expected. After breakfast we went to A Famosa which is an old Portuguese fort. Then the women got dressed in traditional Kebaya and visited the Baba & Nyonya ...

Espresso machine leaking
09:22 AM on Friday 29 December 2023

So the espresso machine is still kind of leaking. So I measured the extend of the leak. Over a period of about 22 hours, this was the amount leaked. That is about 160ml per 22 hours which is probably not that bad.

Cleaning the keyboard of a MacBook Pro
04:11 PM on Wednesday 27 December 2023

Cleaning the keyboard of the MacBook Pro is a bit of a hassle as the cleaning process often results in key presses. A quick Google search turned out this gem of an app. A program to disable the keyboard. Works really well.

07:39 PM on Sunday 24 December 2023

The full moon together with the clouds were beautiful.

Esther made a salami flower
11:44 AM on Sunday 24 December 2023

Esther made salami flowers for a charcuterie board.

Jason Leong and Friends
05:50 PM on Friday 22 December 2023

We got tickets to Jason Leong and Friends which Pauline is now a fan of. Pauline and Esther enjoying a drink prior to dinner. The start of the show.

Little India
12:44 PM on Thursday 21 December 2023

We had a late brunch at Little India and walked around a bit after that.