My setup 20060914 update

posted on 12:00 PM on Thursday 14 September 2006

Almost a year since I last updated this and in the process, I have moved house and managed to wire the whole place with LAN points. Well the setup has changed yet again.

The Athlon64 machine has been converted to a full-time linux machine and it is now the 24/7 server. I moved the ANTEC power supply over to it and decked it out with hard drives. Currently, there are 5 hard drives (4 ATA and 1 SATA) in it for a total storage capacity of 1.16 TB. All the ATA are taken up by hard drives such that I do not even have a CD-ROM, not that I use it often. I have capacity for another 3 more SATA drives, but there is no more space in the casing. Next thing to get would be a nice full tower casing.

The graphics card has been changed to a NVIDIA MX4000 128MB which has a much better support in Linux. So far so good.

Again it is hooked up to the ATEN KVM as with all the other machines. There is now a nice Viewsonic 20 inch LCD connected to the KVM which runs at 1680x1050. Lots of nice screen real estate there.

The Powermac is still there for all the multimedia stuff.

There is an addition of a new Athlon64 with 512MB RAM and 1 120GB SATA hard drive with a ATI 9600 PRO graphics card. This will be the main windows machine once I manage to get it installed properly. The Athlon 1.4GHz has been retired.