My setup 20121229 update

posted on 07:47 PM on Saturday 29 December 2012

Another year has passed and with it more changes to the systems. The server is still around, no major changes this year, the LSI SAS1064ET is still good so both RAID5 are still kicking around.

A SIL3132 SATA controller was transferred from the Mac Pro for the 2 eSATA ports, one of which is connected to a 4 bay Hotway external enclosure containing 4 x 3TB Western Digital green drives providing an additional 9TB of RAID5. That leaves another eSATA port to connect to another 4 bay enclosure.

The previous E8400 windows machine is being used by Esther as her HP workstation is now in the living acting as the media player since the Popcorn Hour C-200 kicked the bucket.

I got a new windows machine with an Intel i5-3570K CPU on an ASUS P8Z77-V LK mainboard with 8Gb of RAM, a 120GB ADATA SSD and a Palit GTX670 graphics card. The windows machine is excellent for games :-)

The Marantz AVR NR1501 has decided to stop producing any sound so instead of another AVR, I got a pair of Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II since with everyone in the study room I cannot really listen to music.

A Xbox 360 is connected to the ATEN KVM. The PS3 is not really in use, especially with the new windows machine around.