My setup 20051111 update

posted on 12:00 PM on Friday 11 November 2005

Got myself a ATEN 4 port USB KVM so instead of moving between machines, I hooked them all up together. Really convenient, access to 3 platforms from a single location. So far so good, the only problem is the windows platform which seems to have erratic mouose movements in games. No too sure what is the problem here. Could be that the KVM being a usb hub is not recognized correctly, I do see unknown devices. Will see whether a firmware upgrade will help.

The drawback to this is that I lose my dual display on the mac, but I hardly use it before since it was at a different location. So this might increase its usage I guess the best solution to this would be a larger LCD panel. Currently I am using a 15" which is kind of small, especially for the kind of work that I do. The strange thing about desktop LCD panels is that 17" and 19" panels have the same resolution. And it is very difficult to get 19" panels that do more than the standard 1280x1024. Hopefully the desktop panels go the way of laptop panels and that is widescreen. Then there may be more choices.

Lastly, my AMD64 is acting up, I think it is either the power supply or the mainboard. The IDE keeps dying on me. But the condition is not reproducible so it could be the power supply. Had a similar problem with my plain Athlon previously. Problem solved when I switched to a ANTEC power supply. Maybe I will try that.