My setup 20090809

posted on 12:00 PM on Sunday 09 August 2009

The server was running low on storage again. The Nikon D300 taking 10MB a piece RAW photos is really eating up a lot of data storage. I managed to get a second hand LSI 8408E 8 port PCIE SATA RAID card and it works well in Ubuntu. This means that I get up to 8 SATA ports in addition to the 6 provided by the ICH10R.

The SiI 3114 did not manage to recognize my 1TB Seagate drives. This time round, I decided to go all the way and max out the drives. So I got another 3 bay 5.25" to 4 3.5" converter and got an additional 6 1TB drives. The idea being to connect all 8 1TB drives to the LSI 8408E in a RAID 5 configuration for 7TB of storage. This will be supplemented by a 3 x 500GB RAID 5 providing an addition 1TB of storage.

So all in all, I would have 8TB of storage which is more then double what I had previously (3TB). And this time round, it will all be in RAID 5 for a piece of mind. Hopefully this will last me for the next 3 years or so.

The MacBook Pro was also running low on disk space so I got a Seagate Desktop Extreme 1.5TB for it hooked up via firewire 400. For now, I am using the drive to backup the data on the 2 1TB Seagates so that I can construct the 8 drive RAID 5. So there is a lot of copying right now to move the data into the external drives to free up the 2 Seagate 1TB drives.