Updates to the server 20110421

posted on 12:00 PM on Thursday 21 April 2011

It has been a lot time since the last update. The LSI 8408E went south and brought down the entire RAID5. Thank god nothing important was on it. This is the last time I am going the hardware raid route. At least for software RAID, I can get any other controller and re-assemble the RAID5. But for hardware RAID, I will probably have to get the same controller and I am definitely not buying a new LSI 8408E, that would have cost a bomb.

So for a while I use a Western Digital ShareSpace which has 4TB in RAID5 (3TB usable) but boy is it slow. Transfers are about 10MB/s which is rather bad.

Finally I got a LSI SAS1064ET which gives me 4 additional SATA ports which I attached 4 2TB drives and created a software RAID5 under linux (6TB usable). So if the card fails again, I just have to assemble the RAID5 in another machine. The previous 1TB drives were connected to the ICH10R to form 5TB RAID5 (4TB usable). This gives me a total of 10TB in RAID5 storage on the server with an additional 3TB in the WD ShareSpace. The last SATA on the ICH10R was used for the system drive (1TB). This should keep things going for a while more :-)

RAM has been increased to 8GB since some of the work I am doing requires a lot of RAM.

During the house moving, the power supply decided to quit and another modular one was installed.