My setup 20080807 update
12:00 PM on Thursday 07 August 2008

It has been a really busy week or two. The disks were filling up (1.7TB) and I wanted to have a RAID setup for the really important stuff. So off I went to get 2 1TB drives. Initially I wanted to get an additional SATA controller to drive the new drives since there was quite a fair bit of space in t ...

My setup 20080614 update
12:00 PM on Saturday 14 June 2008

A lot of the stuff have either been retired or they have failed. The PSC1350 printer has been replaced with a HP Photosmart C6180 which is a network AIO. The C6180 has fax capabilities and it has certainly been very useful. It being networked means that scanned documents can be send to any Windows o ...

11:50 AM on Saturday 14 June 2008

The BIND XML format is a very deep one. Just open any of the XML file and you will understand what I mean. All the XML files can be obtained from here . Just get all the XML files divided by division as well as all the daily updated and you should have all of the data in BIND. Due to the sheer size ...

Bioinformatics resources
11:48 AM on Saturday 14 June 2008

NCBI Gene resource This is a resource that I heavily use. Very useful as it allows one to operate on the gene as a unit instead of multiple individual dna sequences (some of which are incomplete). The following are some material which are useful on NCBI Gene. NCBI Handbook - this is a link to the ...

Leaking coke can
09:36 AM on Saturday 14 June 2008

See the following picture of a coke can that was leaking. One fine day, I opened the cupboard and found that there was a pool of brownish liquid. Upon further checking, I found that one of the coke cans was leaking. The hole was very small resulting in a fine stream of liquid that was very hard to s ...

Interesting gene names
09:35 AM on Saturday 14 June 2008

In my job as a HTP at blueprint, I deal with a lot of genes. During data collection, I would be collecting information from several data sources and these data would be scrolling on my terminal (tells me that things are still moving). Sometimes, some really interesting gene names or gene description ...

Drooping bananas
11:34 PM on Monday 09 June 2008

Pauline and I left a couple of bananas over the weekend in the house. The following picture shows what greeted us when we came back :-)

ASF streaming audio on the macs
07:41 PM on Friday 09 November 2007

Previously I tried Windows Media Player for this, but it never worked. Trust Microsoft to produce a piece of software that does not even work with their own standards. This has to be a conspiracy for people to get upset over their macs. Anyway, the way to do this is to use VLC , an open source med ...

My setup 20061126 update
12:00 PM on Sunday 26 November 2006

My wife got me a spanking new rev b macbook pro. So happy. So the dell laptop which I got in early 2006 as a temporary solution has been sold off. Same goes for the powermac since I do not really use it much and the new macbook pro could basically do everything that it did. Amazing machine, so happy ...

My setup 20060914 update
12:00 PM on Thursday 14 September 2006

Almost a year since I last updated this and in the process, I have moved house and managed to wire the whole place with LAN points. Well the setup has changed yet again. The Athlon64 machine has been converted to a full-time linux machine and it is now the 24/7 server. I moved the ANTEC power supply ...