Gasket change

posted on 10:00 AM on Saturday 23 March 2019

The Rocket R58 has been leaking in the past week or so. Initially I thought it was an issue with the portafilter but a quick search on the internet showed that it was an issue with the gasket been worn out. Searched around for replacement gasket and found it at Papa Palheta ( ). They were really great with the shipping and the item arrived well packed and with a personalized message which was really nice.

The screen and the gasket was really easy to remove, just pry it a bit with a flat head screwdriver and out it comes. The gasket was really worn out. It was as hard as plastic. A quick swap and a bit of cleaning (the screen was in horrible shape, really dirty with many of the holes filled with coffee stains) and back in it went. It was a bit more difficult to get it back in, requiring a bit of pushing it into the groove.

After all this, no more leaking 🙂 Only issue was that the portafilter handle seems to be turning in a bit more than the straight on position. Probably means that a thicker gasket would be needed the next time round.