The door is alarmed

posted on 01:23 PM on Saturday 23 March 2019

Esther’s sharp eyes pointed this out at Ikea.

Kind of funny that the door is alarmed. We definitely get that it is wired to an alarm system but the sentence could be literally interpreted as an alarmed door. We wondered what was alarming the door but Ikea has done the necessary precautions by placing the alarmed door next to an AED and wheelchairs.

We were laughing when we were thinking of an email to write to Ikea.

Dear Ikea

We would like to express our concerns over one of the doors that resides at your Alexandra outlet on level 2. It appears to be extremely alarmed over something which we could not quite get our hands on. While we understand that you have taken the additional precaution of having an AED and wheelchairs nearby, we wonder whether it might have been better to directly address the concerns of the door.