MacBook Air

posted on 09:00 PM on Saturday 16 February 2019

Got a new MacBook Air in my favorite space grey as Esther needed a laptop for her robotics classes. So I passed her my Thinkpad X1 Yoga. The Thinkpad was well made and well designed. But Windows 10 is still a confusing and incoherent mess compared to MacOS. The tablet mode of the Yoga was cool but I did not really use it much. The battery life was also a bit disappointing.

So in a way I am happy to move back to a Mac. Still the best user experience for me. And the integration with the rest of my stuff is much better.

The MacBook Air is really light and it comes in my favorite space grey which is nice. Always wanted a dark colored Mac. Black would be cool but space grey is close enough. The new keyboard is really quite nice to type on. Only problem is that it is very loud. TouchID was great and really useful as on the Thinkpad. However the machine was a bit under powered but it is definitely useable. Sometimes the system freezes for a short while which does not happen with the MacBook Pro. But the MacBook Pro is heavier and more expensive.