Valentine’s day

posted on 09:00 AM on Thursday 14 February 2019

What an interesting Valentine’s day. I had arranged for a delivery of an arrangement of preserved flowers for Pauline. But I had a shock of my life when she posted the following picture.

Possible explanations started flashing. Maybe they gave a freebie? Maybe I accidentally opted in for an add on? Or the worse, they delivered the wrong item. After a bit of back and forth, we figured out that they did not deliver the flowers. So I called them and was placed on hold for 40 mins until I got an auntie who insisted that the number was for a cafe and hang up. I called back immediately and get the flower shop and realized that they were colocated. Anyway they eventually figured out that it was a mistake and made another delivery with the flowers and they threw in the cushion for free. Ha ha.

This was the preserved flowers. A bit like the one in Beauty and the Beast.