MacBook Air

posted on 09:05 AM on Monday 29 April 2019

After more than two months with the MacBook Air, I am glad I got the MacBook Air. The performance is definitely adequate. For the kind of work that I do on the run, it is more than enough. When I need more, I have several desk bound machines to work with as well as remote servers.

The part of being light is really great. It is small and light which means that I carry it around far more often than I would with a larger and heavier laptop. This is also helped by its impressive battery life which I means that for my usage, I can go for a day or two without charging.

The type C connector is a bit of mixed bag right now. The ability to use it for charging is great, I can carry a battery pack and use that to charge all my devices. This means that power is less of a problem. However the need to carry the dongle is a bit troublesome. Furthermore the current type c docks are not exactly the most well built and reliable things. I had a third party one from Elecom which is not holding up well.

The user experience is still as good as ever. Everything works and is for the most part seamless. With the ability that Photos and Dropbox has on demand syncing, it means that storage is no longer a big issue for me. With good connectivity, everything is at hand.