posted on 07:37 PM on Monday 26 September 2005

This is a wallpaper that I created sometime back. I think it was on Christmas Day 2003. This was created using a mix of photoshop and 3D max. An abstract design which looks pretty cool (at least to me).

This one was actually used for a competition where I got a $200 cash prize. Sorry about the funny aspect ratio, that was the requirement by the competition. This one depicts nanomachines (the metal objects) racing inside a blood vessel towards a valve (The semi circular thing in the middle). Again kind of abstract.

This one was also used in the same competition where this time I won a Canon G5 :-) This image is about the SARS virus, plain and simple. Added the lines and text to give it a high tech kind of feel. The two images created for the competition were done solely on my Powermac (moving away from windows). The 3D stuff were done in Cinema 4D XL while the 2D work was done in Photoshop.