My setup

posted on 12:00 PM on Sunday 25 September 2005

The image below shows a schematic diagram of my setup at home. Sorry about the ugly pic, will update it if I got time.

My ISP is Starhub which provides me with an internet connection via cable. The cable modem is connected to a broadband router which connects to all the machines via Ethernet. My main workhorse is the Powermac. Its data is synchronized with my Powerbook so that I have my data on the go. The Athlon PC runs Windows XP and Gentoo Linux. Windows is basically there for me in the event that the software that I need requires Windows and for gaming purposes. I usually boot to Gentoo if I need to do any work. My wife has a old Duron 850 which she is very happy with. That machine is out of bounds to me cos she says that I tend to screw up her machine.