Ernest knocked out on our bed
01:17 PM on Saturday 05 October 2013

Ernest is not feeling too great these couple of days with a bad cough and allergy issues. He is normally very active but under the influence of the medication, he was completely knocked out. Played around in Color Efex Pro 4 for that soft dreamy look.

Art pieces at Clementi Primary school
01:14 PM on Saturday 05 October 2013

Took the opportunity to take a couple of photographs of the art pieces at Pauline's school. These kids are really good. Enjoy.

07:10 PM on Wednesday 02 October 2013

Shot a HDR of the sunset from our house.

Find files in debian packages
07:58 AM on Monday 30 September 2013

To locate a package that provides a certain file like yum whatprovides, you can use apt-file. To see which package provided an existing file, use dpkg -S full_path_to_file. Details at:

Interesting macro lens
07:38 AM on Monday 30 September 2013

Stumbled upon this interesting macro lens with a 5X magnification. That is some extreme magnification and it comes with its own lighting. The DOF is not too bad but stacking might be needed.

The art room at Pauline's school
08:37 AM on Sunday 29 September 2013

Was at Pauline's school to help her out with her art project. And I took the opportunity to take some photos of the interesting things there using the macro len. First up is a series of shots on plaster of paris. The air bubbles that form during the pouring of the plaster created some very interesti ...

Carnivorous plant
10:40 PM on Saturday 28 September 2013

Started a couple of lines in procreate and one line led to the next. Soon a carnivorous plant appeared.

HDR of the view from the house
06:55 PM on Friday 27 September 2013

Did a HDR using Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 which I recently brought as part of the Nik collection for HDR work. With Photoshop on the cloud and on a subscription basis, I wanted to move away from expensive Photoshop and Google was having a special for the entire Nik collection. So I brought that and the HDr ...

More macro fun
06:52 PM on Friday 27 September 2013

Had another play with the macro len. This time with the dinosaur that I made using clay and my watch. Played about with effects provided by Nik collection.

Listing the packages on a debian based system
11:23 AM on Friday 27 September 2013

Having a couple of Ubuntu servers around for testing and development means that their packages can get out of sync and cause problems. Use the following command to list out the packages so that they can be synced. For details and more information, see ...