System update

posted on 09:00 AM on Friday 10 May 2019

The Node 304 is dead, could not get a video signal out of the machine even thought the lights were on and the fans were spinning.

Tried Esther’s HP XW6600 and that had the same issue. Sometimes the video would appear but most often than not, it would not.

So I started up Parallels on the MacBook Pro and used that to install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. That worked. Got LXD working inside the VM and started migrating the LXD containers from the old machine.

But halfway, the new fans for the server arrived and after installing the fans, I decided to install the new OS since I got access to the SSD. This meant that the migration was incomplete meaning that I had to re-create a number of the LXD containers.

But at least the fans worked well and bring the temperatures down. This also meant some shifting and re-organization so the windows machine is not on its own shelf while the server is on the floor with some top air space for the heat to escape. The server is a bit noisier with 5 140mm fans but definitely cooler which is probably better.

The work of re-creating the containers is not a total waste of time as I got a much better understanding of LXD in the process.