Coolant leak

posted on 01:00 PM on Saturday 20 April 2019

While driving after Esther’s tuition to Suntec City, the car started throwing out temperature warnings. We reached Suntec City but the low coolant warning was on. We had lunch and shopped around. Before we left, we got 800ml of coolant and 1.5l of distilled water. We filled up the coolant tank but it was still below the minimum.

Half way through the trip, we went to the petrol station ad the high temperature warnings were still on. Another 4l of coolant went it and we made it back home.

Left the car to rest on Sunday and filled her up with distilled water on Monday before going to PML. Coincidentally I had a servicing so the timing was not too bad.

Later in the day, the service advisor called and said that the hose was leaking quite badly. The repairs took the day as well as the next but I was able to collect the car the next day which was not too bad.