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Superbee Honeyworld

We took the time to visit Superbee Honeyworld which was pretty educational for the kids. The take home message is that almost everything that we saw in the Bee movie is wrong. Here are the ones which I can remember:

  • All worker bees are females, males do not really work.
  • There is no such thing as Pollen Jocks since the males do not really work.
  • Males do not have a stinger.
  • Not all bees die after they sting.

The thing they did get right was that bees are critical for pollination which ensures the survival of plants.

Here are photos that we took outside the place.



Lunch at Jurong Point

On the day that we are supposed to be flying off to Gold Coast, Pauline and I were on full day leave so we took the opportunity to take the family out for lunch since our flight is in the evening.

We went to Lai Lai at Jurong Point which Esther adores.

Here are some pictures with the GX7 paired with the 20mm which is a very sweet combination, small and quick.

Gardens by the Bay part 1

On labor day, we wanted to go to the zoo. But after reaching there at noon, we found the place swamped with people. So we beat a hasty retreat and decided to go to the Gardens by the Bay instead. I have always wanted to visit the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome and this was a good opportunity. The family was hesitant about going there but it worked out in the end and we had lots of fun. Pauline, Esther and I were happily taking photos while Ernest does what he likes best, playing with the iPad. Here are some of the photos. More to come.