National Steps Challenge

So there is apparently an initiative (the National Steps Challenge) to get Singaporeans to be healthy and walk around more. The initiative gives people $5 if they can accumulate 750 healthpoints which translates to walking 10,000 steps daily for 19 days.

So I tried to figure out how much energy is generated by a human step and got data from companies trying to use floor pads to harness energy. They estimated that we can get up to 7 watts per step.

Using a more conservative estimate of 2W, the following is the calculations for the amount of energy generated.

19 days x 10,000 steps = 190, 000 steps

190,000 steps x 2 W = 380,000 W or 380 kW

380 kW / (60 x 60) = 0.1056 kWh

Given that electricity in Singapore cost about S$0.203 per kW, the cost of the energy generated is as follows:

0.1056 kWh x S$0.203 = S$0.02

Wow, that is really quite a small amount. All that walking for 19 days and you generate about 2 cents worth of energy.

Home surveillance

Always wanted to set up a home surveillance system. Especially now that we have Donut, it would be nice to check up on her.

We already have a DLINK DCS-5222LB1 which works really nicely. It has a pretty wide view which is useful and the image is not too bad. And it is rather cheap.

Pauline got a cheap IP camera from a friend but that did not work out so well.

For the recording, I got a cheap Synology DS216j fitted with a 3TB drive. I was debating for a longest time on a better model but they do cause a lot more. In the end, I got a cheap low powered one since I was not sure how well it would work.

And boy was I surprised to see how well this little cheap thing worked. It was mostly plastic and adding the hard drive was like putting one into one of those portable hard drive cases. But it worked and the software was polished. The software was the thing that sold me. Simple to set up and worked right out of the box with the DLINK. The cheap IP camera did not work but I did not really expect it to. Got another DLINK DCS-5222LB1 to replace it.

The surveillance station software was very powerful and simple. A few poking around and I soon had the thing doing motion recording. The timeline viewer was great in showing when events happen and you can view it straight from the browser.

So all in all, it worked wonderfully well for such a cheap thing. The software is the one that really nails it showing that a well put together product is much more than the sum of its parts.

Dinner at Masizzim

We tried out a new place at Westgate called Masizzim which serves Korean food. They had an interesting dish where you make rice balls with the ingredients that they supplied. It was quite fun and delicious. They tasted like Japanese maki but with more ingredients. The pancake was also quite good. We also had their grape yogurt drink and that was really nice.

The stew was really good.

Pauline having fun making the rice ball.

The final product.

The pizza looking pancake.