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Esther is a big girl now

Out of the blue while passing by a jewelry shop, Esther mentioned that she wanted to have her ears pierced. That certainly took me by surprise. So we found a good place to do it at B*dazzle at West Point. The lady did a really good job but Esther still cried a lot. But after she calmed down, she was really pleased with it.

Sign, the kids are growing up so quickly.



Kids at the playground

The kids were at a playground at Bedok and I took the opportunity to shoot some pictures of them using the GX7 and 20mm 1.7.

Shooting with a fast prime is always nice. The GX7 and the pancake prime makes for a very small package which is great for traveling.

Kids on ATV

While at Tangalooma, we took the opportunity to take a ride on the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle). These are like super sized bikes with 4 wheels that are supposed to be able to go anywhere. Pauline and I took a 2 sitter and we rode in tandem with me steering the ATV. The kids had a kiddie sized ATV each. It was lots of fun. Pauline thought it was really scary. Here are the kids on their ATV.



Superbee Honeyworld

We took the time to visit Superbee Honeyworld which was pretty educational for the kids. The take home message is that almost everything that we saw in the Bee movie is wrong. Here are the ones which I can remember:

  • All worker bees are females, males do not really work.
  • There is no such thing as Pollen Jocks since the males do not really work.
  • Males do not have a stinger.
  • Not all bees die after they sting.

The thing they did get right was that bees are critical for pollination which ensures the survival of plants.

Here are photos that we took outside the place.