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East coast park

The family was at East Coast Park prawning. I am not a prawning person so I walked over to the beach to take some photos.

The following is a panorama done by taking 38 images hand held and then stitching it together in Autopano Giga. I must admit that Autopano Giga makes it so simple. The final image is about 90M pixel in size which is huge.

[Group 0]-P5250085_P5250273-38 images-Edit

The following is a HDR done in Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 which I like for its more realistic look.




Had a bit of fun with Perfect Photo Suite 8 and Lightroom to create a more artistic looking image of a shot done at East Coast Park. Here is the final results of the processing.


I like the final results as it gave the original image more character, like an old deserted spooky place. The colours are still there but more emphasised giving it more punch.

The original image is shown below.



Day at East Coast Park

We had a great day at East Coast Park where we did a bit of cycling on a family cycle. That thing was very heavy and it took the life of us to pedal it to and fro. We should have taken the advice of the store people more seriously.

After the cycling, we went prawning where we caught two prawns but everyone had a good time. Ernest and Esther also had a good time catching a fish. That fish was our dinner 🙂