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Wooden dinosaur

Esther and I built a wooden dinosaur using a kit that Pauline brought. The kit was rather well made and we had a good time making it. The dinosaur has motors and sensors on it so it could respond to commands given using an IR remote. The following is the final dinosaur in all its glory.

Trip to Science Centre

We went to the Singapore Science Centre on Christmas day and had lots of fun there. The place never fails to get the kids excited.

One of the new things there was the Laser Maze which the kids absolutely loved. They had lots of fun with that, rolling and ducking all over the place. And they were not too bad at it.

We also had a good time with the Titan of the past exhibit which showcased many dinosaur bones and skeletons. They were very impressive.

The last item of the day was the fire tornado which got the kids really excited about.

All in all, we had a great day at the Singapore Science Centre.

Pictures are below but the quality is not too great as the lighting indoors was very poor and flash was not allowed.