Monthly Archives: May 2017

Star Wars Rollinz

Cheers is running a promotion for Star Wars Rollinz where every 3 dollar spend entitles you to a sticker. Collect 6 stickers and you get a Star Wars Rollinz for free. Since there is a Cheers store at the petrol station which I frequent, I started collecting them. They are really quite cute. Finally got my complete collection. I like the Storm Trooper and R2D2 most. Since you could pay $1.90 for one if you have 2 stickers, I decided to go for that. But I had huge problems convincing the staff to let me do this. Each time I had 6 stickers, they would insist that I get one for free rather than pay for 3. So tiring to explain each and everytime that I just want to finish my collection.

Esther made breakfast

Little Esther made breakfast for Pauline and I to celebrate both Mother’s Day and my birthday. She is so sweet. There was a long black, a sausage, a cheese and basil omelette  and London Roll (as she could not find bread).