Monthly Archives: February 2017

Ernest’s new shoes

Ernest needed new shoes for his cross country CCA and we went over to Running Labs at Marina Square to have his feet looked at. He has flat feet so he needs stability shoes. The person recommended On shoes which is quite interesting. They have little clouds at the bottom which acts like springs. The model that Ernest liked has elastic cord instead of shoelaces which adds to the appeal (no more tying of shoelaces). Ernest said that they were really light and bouncy. He loved them so much that he asked to wear them immediately.

Esther’s birthday present

We gave Esther her birthday present early. A set of Sony MDR-1000X headphones. We were near Plaza Singapura and we went to Stereo to have a look at the headphones and she picked the Sony. Her previous pair was also a Sony (MDR-10R) that we picked up at a good discount. I must admit that they were really comfortable and sound good. She has good taste. The cool part was the touch controls on the right cup which not only lets you do the common stuff like volume, play/resume and track skip but also a lower the music mode which is activated with multiple finger touch. This lowers the music volume and amplifies speech for conversation. Really cool and the touch controls are very responsive.

Here is Esther wearing them.


Esther made dinner today. Chicken chop with chips and vegetables. She was especially happy with the chips as it tasted so different from the ones at McDonalds. She used local potatoes which has a denser texture.