Monthly Archives: September 2014

Photo frame

Converted Pauline’s first generation iPad into a photo frame. In the older versions of iOS, there is a built-in photo frame application which does not exist now. This modeĀ is even more convenient. It is amazing that this was state of the art just a number of years back. It feels so so slow right now.


MySQL data loader

I do a lot of data loading into MySQL and wanting to save myself time doing this, I wrote a Java command line application to read a input tab delimited text file and load it into MySQL. The program will scan the columns and determine the data type automatically which saves quite a fair bit of time. And the performance is much better than the other solutions which I used in the past.

Download : MysqlLoader

Replicating user accounts on linux

We have several linux servers based on CentOS. Since we have only a small number of these machines, we do not use LDAP but just simple username and passwords.

When we have a new person, we just add that person to the main server and then copy the necessary lines in the files (/etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/group, /etc/gshadow) to the other servers. Since we use NFS for the home directories, there is nothing to do on that front.

See this article ( for more details.