Monthly Archives: April 2014

Black dot when doing copy and paste

I was having a black dot as the result of a paste operation on my Windows laptop for Office applications for a while now. Finally googled about it and found that is was a problem with the bluetooth addon which I still do not get. Why would a bluetooth addon affect copy and paste? It does not make any sense.

Well, the fix is described in this link which basically says to disable the addon.

Jurong Bird Park again

Pauline and I went to Jurong Bird Park to take pictures while the kids with my mother went prawning. Esther is really into it now after she caught her first prawn. It is good that we did not sell the EM-5 away since Pauline is getting more comfortable with it.

Here are the pictures that I took.

Ernest drawings

Ernest never really like to draw but it appears that drawing on the tablet is something that he enjoys. He says that it is easier since all the colors are there.

I really like this rainbow snail that he did. Shows a lot of creativity.

Here are the rest that he did.