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Had a bit of fun with Perfect Photo Suite 8 and Lightroom to create a more artistic looking image of a shot done at East Coast Park. Here is the final results of the processing.


I like the final results as it gave the original image more character, like an old deserted spooky place. The colours are still there but more emphasised giving it more punch.

The original image is shown below.



Wooden dinosaur

Esther and I built a wooden dinosaur using a kit that Pauline brought. The kit was rather well made and we had a good time making it. The dinosaur has motors and sensors on it so it could respond to commands given using an IR remote. The following is the final dinosaur in all its glory.

Abstract lights

While at the prawning place, Esther and I had a play with some long exposures on LED lights that were decorating the place. It is quite amazing that some simple LED lights on the tree below can turn into something so abstract.


We set the shutter speed to about 1 sec and the aperture of f11 to create a dark background for the lights. The 1 sec exposure allowed us some time to swing the camera around creating the abstract looking images below:

P2160242 P2160241 P2160238 P2160237 P2160236



We spent the afternoon at a prawning place next to the Jurong Bird Park. Everyone had a good time catching prawns. Ednalin and Ernest were rather good catching a couple of prawns each.

There was fishing in the evening where one can get a rod for $5 and attempt to catch some fish. It was rather exciting watching folks try their luck at this as they balance reeling in the fish and not breaking the line. They were running all around the pond being led by the fish hoping to tire the fish out. The fishes were rather big (about 40 cm long) and they put up a hell of a fight.

Felt gliders

We had a number of chairs that had their gliders fall off. Once the gliders fall off they made a lot of noise when we move them. But the normal adhesive ones tend to drop off after a while. We finally found ones which have a nail in them so they are really secure. Get them from home fix or self fix.


Day at East Coast Park

We had a great day at East Coast Park where we did a bit of cycling on a family cycle. That thing was very heavy and it took the life of us to pedal it to and fro. We should have taken the advice of the store people more seriously.

After the cycling, we went prawning where we caught two prawns but everyone had a good time. Ernest and Esther also had a good time catching a fish. That fish was our dinner 🙂