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Developing for older versions of IE

I have been doing quite a bit of Javascript work with jQuery which means that at some point I would need to check the browser compatibility. I typically develop using Firefox and Firebug and using jQuery means that I can depend on jQuery's cross browser support. That works most of the time but on occasions things will break especially with IE. While I have access to Window machines, testing various versions of IE is a problem.

Initially I thought of using virtual machines but I found out that IE10 which is install on my Windows & machines has a developer mode much like Firebug. The best part was that it had the capabilities of emulating various versions of IE which basically solved my problem.

The Cold Storage Kids’ Run 2013

We took part in this year's Cold Storage Kids' Run on Sunday. The day started badly with us waking at 0650. With the first event for Ernest at 0725, we scrambled to get out of the house which we did in a record timing of 12 minutes. Once we got there, we breathed a sign of relief as we found out that the race will actually start at about 0745. At least all the rushing about came to something.

It was a fun way to spend the morning. There was a carnival going and lots of things to see. The only downside was the heat. It was a really hot day. Esther finally got a chance to be inside a giant ball which rolls around. She has been wanting to do this for the longest time.

Here are some pictures:

New server

After more than 5 years, I am retiring the server and putting in a new one. The new one is based on the ITX form factor so it is much smaller and cooler. Specifications as follows:

  • Fractal Design Node 304 Mini-ITX Case (Black)
  • Asus P8H77-I Intel Skt1155 Mini-ITX mainboard
  • 2 x Kingston 8GB 1600 DDR3 Value Rams
  • Seasonic G-450 450W Modular 80+ Gold
  • Intel i3-3220
  • 6 x Western Digital 3TB Green
  • Sonnet Tempo SATA E2P

Installation of Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS is uneventful and it is quite speedy. ZFS on linux is now a robust solution and boy is it a nice filesystem. Getting a raidz1 ZFS filesystem on the 6 3TB was a breeze and performance was good. Bonnie++ showed ~250 MB/s for reads and ~220 MB/s for writes which is more than good enough for me since my networking is limited to 1Gbps. To the main machine, a 4bay and a 8way Hotway enclosures were connected via eSATA. 6 x 1TB and 6 x 2TB drives were installed in them. Performance on the external enclosures were limited to about 100 MB/s due to the nature of the addon card (1x PCIe).

An 8 hour mprime went well and a copy of the previous data to the new drives was also alright so the system appears to be stable. The entire move took almost a week with testing and migration of the data taking up most of the time.

The old server to be retired is shown below. It will be missed.


The new server is shown below:


Monitor color calibration

After the update to mountain lion, I have not done a color calibration on the monitor which is probably a bad idea. After noticing that the colors appear to be rather off, I finally took the time and did the calibration and boy was it off.

Lesson learnt, after one makes the investment in a monitor calibration device, one must take the time to use it.

So the color is back to being accurate or as accurate as my untrained eyes can tell. Testing it against the print outs of both the Brother and the Epson inkjets show that the Brother is actually rather spot on. The Epson is too saturated but it appears to be a bit sharper. With the Brother being much faster, it appears that that is the one to use.