Monthly Archives: April 2013

Minecraft Steve

Esther and I made two Minecraft Steve out of paper. We took Steve's skin and edited it in Adobe Illustrator to get the diagram on paper. Then we transferred it to Make the cut to print using the Brother DCP-J725DW and cut it using the Silhouette Cameo. Then it is just a matter of folding and sticking them together using tape.

The final product looks so cool 🙂


Seeing doubles?

Inspired by some photos taken by Pauline's friend, we decided to have some fun with creating doubles 🙂 We set up the tripod so that everything stays the same, focusing was manually set and shutter priority at 1/640 was used. The single images were then post processed in Photoshop. The only thing we forgot was to fix the exposure so a bit more work was needed in Photoshop to correct for that, but nothing serious. Enjoy 🙂

Macro fun

Some random macro shots of things on my table. Trying to improve my focusing and macro settings especially getting a sense of the depth of field. Lighting is rather important at the small apertures that is needed for macro. Seems that my inability to focus well was a combination of large aperture resulting in small DOF and low ambient lighting. Having a smaller aperture does make the focusing much easier at the expense of needing a lot more light. So it seems that a macro ring light is rather required in the field.