RTX 4090 DisplayPort issue

posted on 12:41 PM on Wednesday 05 July 2023

So the RTX 4090 has been wonderful. 4K gaming is not only possible but very smooth with FPS > 60 almost all the time.

However with my KVM set up (I am using the 4 port KVM from Level1Tech which is about as good as it gets), I initially could not get the display to detect the GPU via DisplayPort when I switch to it. Did the usual, changed the DisplayPort cable and the DisplayPort port on the GPU but no dice. So I switched to using HDMI as HDMI now supports G-SYNC. And that worked but it is kind of suboptimal as I have to constantly switch the input on the monitor. Kind of odd that HDMI works but not DisplayPort.

After living with it for a couple of months now, I decided to have another stab at the issue. A quick search on Google showed that the energy management might be an issue for the GPU. So I made a change to enable ASPM (Active State Power Management) in the bios and let the OS manage it. Lo and behold, it worked. Or at least so far :-)