Website changes

posted on 07:46 PM on Wednesday 01 March 2023

Moved the website to a new code base which uses Obsidian notes at the backend instead of Evernote. Given that Evernote is not doing great, I had decided to move away from Evernote and to something which is more open. Tried Obsidian and then Bear and then back to Obsidian. Obsidian had the advantage that it is free, works on macOS and iOS, sits on iCloud and is plain Markdown. Being plain Markdown means that I can easy port this to other formats as needed.

As the Markdown documents are sitting in plain sight on iCloud drive, I can just read the documents into a database like MongoDB using a simple Python script. This is then used by the new website code to display the blog portion of the documents.

The feature is mostly on par with the old website. just missing the apps for now.