Niche Zero coffee grinder is here

posted on 11:18 AM on Saturday 24 October 2020

The Niche Zero coffee grinder is here. Since I am the only person drinking expresso from the Rocket R58, a single dose grinder makes a lot of sense and the Niche is a very nice one.

The grinds are good, perhaps less lumpy compared to the Rocket grinder but it does taste different (perhaps losing out on the clarity?). The usage is great, really simple, weight out the beans using the Acaia Lunar (which is a great scale by the way) and pop it into the Niche and turn it on. The ground coffee end up in the same container which is a direct fit for the portafilter.

The only issue is that the ground coffee tends to settle unevenly in the portafilter leading to wastage and a mess. A distributor did help but it was troublesome as it was an additional step. So I simply ended up tapping the portafilter more aggressively and reducing the bean weight to 19g which helps to distribute the coffee better and prevent overflowing.

All in all, the Niche is a great little grinder.