Mac mini

posted on 05:02 PM on Wednesday 25 March 2020

Apple just updated the Mac mini by giving it more storage for the same price. After waiting so long for the refresh, it is rather disappointing not to see anything changed. But more storage is better than nothing and it also means no updates for a while.

So I brought the Mac mini with the fastest processor available. For the memory, I got a OWC 64GB kit from a local reseller SimplyMac and installed it myself. It was really quite easy with lots of detailed instructions available on the web.

Catalina was not too bad and I finally got the chance to test the work VPN on it. As expected, it did not work but a couple of Google searches and playing around showed that it can work and works quite well. So I can finally use Catalina and with that Sidecar.

All in all the Mac mini is really quite fast and so small. Really nice to final have a standalone Mac for my desktop use, was really missing the Mac Pro.