An interesting dream

posted on 10:57 PM on Sunday 02 February 2020

So I am one of those people who tend not to remember my dreams. But there was a day a while back that I remember dreaming about me cycling with Donut in a basket in front of the bike. Not sure why I remembered it but it got me thinking of actually getting a bike with a basket in front for Donut.

After so many months, I finally got the urge to get a folding bike with a basket in front.

This was a really nice Brompton M6R black edition in Turkish Green (more like turquoise in my opinion). This is a really well thought out bike with everything you need and well designed. No wonder people are willing to pay so much for this. The really big plus was the bag attachment which allowed for a bag in the front of the bike. And being a foldable bike meant that I could just chunk it into the boot and drive to a park. So no dangerous road biking needed.

Here is a video of Donut on the bike in a bag (the basket was not available at the store so we settled for a big bag).

This is picture of Donut and I on our first trip.

Here is a photo of us at the Singapore Science Centre.

Another one showing bits of the new basket which she really liked better.

So far so good, we have been riding around the park and Donut is quite happy to be in the basket.