posted on 12:44 PM on Saturday 04 May 2019

After working with Google App Engine, I had been impressed with how well it worked. So I decided to migrate my personal domain over to Google G Suite. I had thought about it in the past but never really got around to do it. The first thing was to migrate the domain and for that I needed a authorisation key which I had to get from the current hosting company. That was quite ok and I migrated the domain to namecheap. Then I just needed to create a G Suit account and use my domain. The issue I encountered was the verification of the domain. I initially decided to use a TXT record but that did not work. After a night of trying, the next day I used a CNAME record and that worked. After that, things were very smooth. The emails started coming in and I configured a catch all to catch the rest of the emails to the domain.

For now, I have done a redirect on the DNS to redirect the web request to which is hosted at home but I am thinking of getting to also respond to web requests. Not quite sure how I want to handle the synchronisation with right now. Since I already use flask for and flask is support on Google App Engine, I could just replicate the environment.