Dead bug

posted on 09:21 PM on Sunday 13 May 2018

I woke up this morning and found a dead bug at the entrance to my room. Thinking that it might be interesting for a macro shot, I kept it and did some macro work in the evening with a remote flash I got today. It was an Olympus FL-600R which was not crazy expensive at four hundred plus. But was a difference did it make. I was reading Robin Wong's blog ( ) and he had an article about the set up that he uses. After reading it, I thought that I would have a try and got the flash. After some fiddling (with a head scratching moment trying to figure out why the TTL was not working, it was due to the flash not sitting in the hot shoe proper resulting in a bad contact), I got the remote firing working which was actually quite easy. Just put on the EM-1 supplied flash and set RC to on in the flash menu and the same for the remote flash and you are done. As long as the remote flash can see the on camera flash, the remote flash will fire. Really quite easy once you know how it works. The results are rather good I thought. Of course this is a dead insect which is not quite moving and I could take the time to get a good position. In the field with one hand holding the camera and the other holding the flash, I am not sure I can do so well.