Photo workflow

posted on 09:59 AM on Sunday 31 December 2017

My workflow when I was still using the Olympus regularly was based on Adobe Lightroom. That was really great as the metadata part of Lightroom was really strong and that was important to me. However over the last two years, I have been using the Olympus less as the iPhone camera was getting better all the time and under bright light conditions, it was really hard to tell the photos apart. So other then specific uses like macro or very low light, the iPhone was great. So it became more of a hassle to use Lightroom when Photos on iOS and the Mac was getting so much better with every release. And the best part was that I could edit the photos on all my devices, so I am not stuck to using my Mac for it. The automated face and object detection in Photos is also a godsend saving me lots of time. The photo organization in Photos is still a bit lacking but usable. The ability to import RAW files is also very good so all my photos can now stay in Photos. And because I use iCloud to store the originals, all my 70k photos are available on all devices. Just need a good internet connection if I need to edit. So my current workflow is centered on Photos with all photos imported into it. For the Olympus, I can import using the SD card on my Mac but I will get the lightning to SD card reader so that I can do that outside. For editing, I use usually Snapseed on iOS which is really nice, fast and does non-destructive edits. With the iPad Pro, editing photos is a joy and no slower than on a Mac.