Another 3TB bites the dust

posted on 07:42 PM on Monday 06 July 2015

Another of the Western 3TB Green drive has bit the dust. The ZFS pool was running in degraded mode for the last 2 days or so. Got a 6TB drive to replace it and it is working fine now. Re-silvering will probably take the next 5-6 hours. The defective disk was identified using zpool status and then the id of the new drive was provided to zpool replace using the syntax zpool replace data defective_drive_label /dev/disk/by-id/disk-id. This is the second 3TB green to die. The last one failed about 3 months ago. Hopefully this is not a batch issue. So 2 of the 8 drives are now 6TB rather than 3TB. Another 6 down and I can double my storage.