Script to extract FASTA sequences

posted on 01:04 PM on Monday 17 November 2014

Wanted a very quick way to query a FASTA sequence and extract sub-sequences. Since samtools already does this, I could integrate with it via system calls but for large number of queries, this would be computational expensive. Checking the documentation for the index that samtools create for FASTA file, I realize that I could reuse the index using Python's memory mapped files. So I wrote a script to do this. The idea here is that this functionality can then be placed into Python script removing the need for expensive system calls. The script is as follows, it takes as the first parameter the FASTA filename and the rest of the parameters as regions in the format of chr:start-end or chr:position. [code language="python"] #!/usr/bin/env python import sys import mmap import re indexes = {} # read the index file first infile = open("%s.fai" % sys.argv[1]) for line in infile: line = line.strip() if line != "": fields = line.split() if len(fields) != 5: print "Incorrect index line: %s" % line sys.exit(1) indexes[fields[0]] = { "length" : int(fields[1]), "offset" : int(fields[2]), "base_per_row" : int(fields[3]), "chr_per_row" : int(fields[4]), } infile.close() def posToOffset(chr, pos): pos -= 1 # change to 0 based index offset = indexes[chr]["offset"] # use the chromosome offset first offset += pos # add the number of based offset += (pos / indexes[chr]["base_per_row"]) * (indexes[chr]["chr_per_row"] - indexes[chr]["base_per_row"]) # account for newlines #print chr, pos, indexes[chr]["offset"], offset return offset with open(sys.argv[1], "r+b") as f: mm = mmap.mmap(f.fileno(), 0) for region in sys.argv[2:]: # range mo ="^(\w+)\:(\d+)\-(\d+)$", region) if mo != None: chr = if chr in indexes: start = int( end = int( spos = posToOffset(chr, start) epos = posToOffset(chr, end+1) seq = mm[spos:epos].replace("\n", "") if len(seq) != (end-start+1): sys.stderr.write("Incorrect sequence length found for %s, %s\n" % (region, seq)) else: print seq else: sys.stderr.write("Unknown chromosome %s\n" % chr) else: # single position mo ="^(\w+)\:(\d+)$", region) if mo != None: chr = if chr in indexes: spos = posToOffset(chr, int( print mm[spos].replace("\n", "") else: sys.stderr.write("Unknown chromosome %s\n" % chr) else: sys.stderr.write("Unknown region %s\n" % region) [/code]