The next server build

posted on 09:51 AM on Saturday 08 November 2014

I guess with the availability of Haswell-E, my next server will be based on that. With updated storage and DDR4 memory, it will probably meet my needs of more memory and storage. So I will probably be tracking the cost of the system for a while to see when would be a good time to get it. The following is the current cost at Fuwell. Item Cost Units Total Crucial Ballistix Sport 2400MHz 1x8GB 199 2 398 Asrock X99 Extreme4 with Intel i7 5820K 875 1 875 Corsair HX750i Modular 750W 229 1 229 Corsair H80i Hydro Cooling 158 1 158 WD Green 6TB 338 4 1352 3012 So the total cost today would be about $3k or so. Let's take a look a couple of weeks later.