Paradise Country

posted on 07:45 AM on Saturday 21 June 2014

After Movie World, the next day we went to Paradise Country which aims to show case the Australia farm. The kids had a good time doing gold sieving. Ernest and Esther were so excited finding interesting looking stones. They did not find any gold but they had a good time. They also tried opal mining which they also liked. It was a very structured setup, there were little opals embedded in clay balls and these clay balls were then placed into holes in the walls which are then covered with compacted sand. Each of these holes were numbered and contained a random number of clay balls ranging from 1 to 3. All the kids had to do was to use a small hammer and knock away the compacted sand to reveal the clay balls. Then they had to break up the clay to reveal the opal which after cleaning was rather nice. We also watched a short show where they demonstrated the making of tea and bread by the cowboys. Then it was off to another short show about horses and its usefulness to the cowboys. The last show of the day was one about the sheep. There was the mandatory sheep shearing which was interesting for the kids.