Sea World

posted on 08:37 AM on Thursday 19 June 2014

After coming back to Surfer's Paradise from Tangalooma, the next day we went to Sea World. The kids had lots of fun at Sea World. There was not a lot of people around so it was really nice to walk about. Compared to congested and packed Singapore, it was a great experience to move around without the need to queue too long for anything. The kids took full advantage of this by taking the rides over and over again. Pauline and I were too chicken to take any of the rides, so settled for looking at the kids have fun. One of the attraction was a high confidence area where one could don a harness and move around balancing on beam and ropes up high. I had to accompany the kids since Esther was too small for this. And boy was I afraid. I have this thing with heights and being up there with nothing but the harness and walking on narrow beams was really too much. But I braved it with Esther and she had a good time. We stayed at Sea World the whole day. There were lots to do and the kids were exhausted by the end of the day.