Kite flying at Marina Barrage

posted on 11:16 AM on Sunday 03 November 2013

The family woke up early to go to Marina Barrage to fly kites. Esther made a kite in school and wanted to fly it. Given the ease of flying a kite at Marina Barrage, we set off early in the morning to do so. That was a good thing as the place was deserted when we reached there. The wind was great and after a quick fix of Esther's kite, our kites were flying high in the sky. The photo below shows the way Esther and Pauline were flying one of the kites. By sitting down at a shaded spot on the ground. What a relaxing way to do it.

Ernest on the other hand was not quite so excited about the kites and started reading in another shady spot with his cute Elmo cap.