The Cold Storage Kids' Run 2013

posted on 06:34 PM on Monday 20 May 2013

We took part in this year's Cold Storage Kids' Run on Sunday. The day started badly with us waking at 0650. With the first event for Ernest at 0725, we scrambled to get out of the house which we did in a record timing of 12 minutes. Once we got there, we breathed a sign of relief as we found out that the race will actually start at about 0745. At least all the rushing about came to something.

It was a fun way to spend the morning. There was a carnival going and lots of things to see. The only downside was the heat. It was a really hot day. Esther finally got a chance to be inside a giant ball which rolls around. She has been wanting to do this for the longest time.

Here are some pictures: