Esther is born
02:33 PM Friday 10 March 2006

Today, Esther was born, all chubby and cute. Weighing 3.445kg and 50cm long.

My setup 20051111 update
12:00 PM Friday 11 November 2005

Got myself a ATEN 4 port USB KVM so instead of moving between machines, I hooked them all up together. Really convenient, access to 3 platforms from a single location. So far so good, the only problem is the windows platform which seems to have erratic mouose movements in games. No too sure what is .....

07:37 PM Monday 26 September 2005

This is a wallpaper that I created sometime back. I think it was on Christmas Day 2003. This was created using a mix of photoshop and 3D max. An abstract design which looks pretty cool (at least to me). This one was actually used for a competition where I got a $200 cash prize. Sorry about the .....

My setup
12:00 PM Sunday 25 September 2005

The image below shows a schematic diagram of my setup at home. Sorry about the ugly pic, will update it if I got time.   My ISP is Starhub which provides me with an internet connection via cable. The cable modem is connected to a broadband router which connects to all the machines via Ethernet. .....

Ernest is born
11:00 PM Monday 19 January 2004

Today, our first child is born. Ernest is rather chubby at 3.58kg with a length of 51cm.