Wedding dinner at Goodwood Park Hotel
07:58 PM Saturday 17 November 2018

We attended the wedding dinner of the sister of our wedding page boy. How time flies. Managed to get Esther to dress up and she looks beautiful. 

Lunch at Tanuki Raw
12:29 PM Saturday 17 November 2018

We had a great lunch at Tanuki Raw at Orchard Central.

Piggy suit
11:01 AM Saturday 17 November 2018

Me in a piggy suit.

Bouquet of Piglets
05:40 PM Thursday 08 November 2018

For this year’s ROM anniversary, I got Pauline a bouquet of Piglets which was really cute 🙂

Lady bugs
08:24 PM Wednesday 07 November 2018

Esther did a set of really cute lady bugs made from clay for her school friend.

Vegetarian breakfast
07:44 AM Wednesday 07 November 2018

Pauline had a plate of vegetarian bee hoon for breakfast and it was the first time that we saw the vegetarian fish shaped like one.

d’Good Café
02:18 PM Tuesday 06 November 2018

Had a nice late lunch at d’Good Cafe with Esther and Pauline.

05:41 PM Monday 05 November 2018

There are lots of cats near our house and they are very comfortable with humans. Maybe a bit too comfortable. 

12:20 PM Sunday 04 November 2018

We went fishing at Fishing Paradise @ ORTO. Not too bad. Quite a different experience compared to prawning. Ernest was the only one to catch a fish which we had for dinner. 

Esther armed with a scanner
05:48 PM Saturday 03 November 2018

The FairPrice at Bukit Timah Plaza has a new system where customers after registration is provided with a barcode scanner so that they can scan when they shop. Once you are done and reach the self checkout, you just need to sync the list of items to the checkout machine and you can then make payment .....